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Why should I choose Jenior Appraisals and Liquidations?

Our passion for helping you choose the best method to liquidate your estate is matched only by our knowledge. Our principal owner, Eric Jenior has nearly a decade of experience in estate liquidations. He also has certification as an appraiser from the International Society of Appraisers, which means your items are priced appropriately and fairly to maximize your return. Eric is the only certified appraiser in Stark County that also organizes estate sales.

Why are estate/tag sales the best option to liquidate an estate?

Tag sales are the best way to liquidate your assets and turn them into cash because we sell your items at their fair market value. With nearly ten years experience in setting up and organizing tag sales, Eric Jenior, our owner, sets up sales that maximize return while respecting your property and your home. We clean and price every item, photograph many of them and post photos and details about your valuables to generate interest and sales. Tag sales are orderly and well mannered. Our customers always show respect for the homes and property they visit. No trampled bushes, no dirt-stained carpets, no trash lying around afterward, and no undue neighborhood disturbances.

Do you do appraisals?

Yes! We believe there is a tremendous link between knowing the value of items and having a tag sales that maximizes your return. Only Jenior Appraisals and Liquidations have an ISA-certified appraiser on staff to determine the true value of your collectibles, jewelry, automobiles, antiques and other personal property. Why leave pricing in the hands of someone who merely guesses at the value of an item?

Our appraisal services are also in demand from those who need a certified appraisal of an item’s value. Probate courts and tax attorneys, insurance companies and those involved in the difficult situations of divorces and dissolutions need the legitimized value only a certified appraiser can provide. We routinely appraise antiques and collectibles and also appraise the value of fine art, cars, boats, general household contents and more.

Can’t I just do this on my own?

In theory, yes. But ask yourself if you’ll be able to drive top dollar for your property. Will customers merely see your sale as a garage sale and expect to see garage sale prices? Shoppers at a Jenior estate sale are accustomed to seeing items priced at a fair market value and paying for them. We make sure your items are clean, well priced and displayed to maximize sales. Plus, our associates do all the work of setting up your sale, organizing your items, processing sales (including credit card transactions and checks) and helping to load heavier items. We take care of everything with such thoroughness, most of our homeowners opt to go out of town during the sale because they know everything will be handled.

How much does it cost to have an estate sale?

That all depends on how much your items sell for. We operate on a strict commission-only of the total gross amount payment policy. So we have a vested interest in making sure your items are priced fairly to generate sales.

Should you ask us to perform appraisals on any items, we do charge per hour for our time to generate that appraisal, which can then be used for any legal or insurance needs you might have.

How long do I have to wait after my sale to receive my payment?

You will be paid within two to three weeks after your sale is conducted.

What should I do to prepare for my initial appointment with you?

To prepare for our initial appointment, decide which items, if any, that you will be keeping. It is always helpful that you point out all items that you are taking with you that will not be included in the tag sale. (Furniture, major accessories, etc).

How many staff members will you have during the sale?

Jenior Appraisals and Liquidations provides an appropriate amount of well-trained staff based on the size and quantity of items in your home.

I am concerned about what condition my home will be left in after hundreds if not thousands of customers are in and out throughout the course of a weekend. What does your company do to ensure that my home is left in the same condition as when I lived there?

Our well-trained staff cares for your home as if it were their own. Light-colored carpet as well as stairs and other high-traffic areas will be protected with a carpet protector. Heavy-duty mats are placed at the entrance.

After your sale, every area of the home that was used will be swept or vacuumed. The only difference that you will notice after your sale is an empty home!

How will the public know about my tag sale?

Jenior Appraisals and Liquidations advertises on the best online tag sale advertising websites that often generate hits in the thousands. We also have an e-mail mailing list of our loyal customers that continues to grow after every tag sale.

In addition, a notification of your sale will be in your area’s local newspaper. Many street directional signs are also used to encourage people to stop who are driving in the area. The public will know about your sale!

What happens to items that don’t sell during my tag sale?

Although nearly all of your items generally sell during your tag sale, there are always a few items that are left over. If you desire, Jenior Appraisals and Liquidations will gladly handle the donation of these items to select charities of your choice to ensure that your home is left empty.

Jenior Appraisals and Liquidations will never sell an item for drastically less than it should sell for–if there are select items left over due to this reason, there are several options that we can discuss with you that will generate a timely and profitable sale of the select items.

Should I get rid of my “general stuff” prior to you preparing for my tag sale?

NO! Many people would be surprised and shocked at what actually sells at a tag sale. In addition to your furniture, artwork, accessories, and automobiles, tag sale shoppers love to buy your general household items such as kitchen utensils, household cleaners, linens, bedding, towels, lawn and garden items, clothing, and the list goes on and on!

We will sort through these items prior to your sale and dispose of or donate items that we feel cannot be included or sold at your sale. All you have to do is remove the items that you want to take with you before we start preparing and let Jenior Appraisals and Liquidations handle the rest!

How will my items be presented in my house for the tag sale?

Eric Jenior’s attention for detail and lifelong passion for antiques, collectibles and other quality household furnishings along with his passion for design from his BA in Architecture ensure that no detail will be missed when presenting your contents for sale.

Your cherished possessions will be sorted, organized, cleaned, tastefully staged, and properly priced creating a unique, dignified, and one-of-a-kind shopping experience for the large volume of customers that your sale will attract.